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Lough Neagh

According to legend, Lough Neagh was created by mythical warrior Finn McCool who scooped out the lough basin to throw at a retreating foe, thus forming the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles. Just a few minutes drive from the historic town of Lurgan, it is now one of Northern Ireland's most popular attractions with an abundance of exciting activities. The Lough Neagh Discovery Centre is the ideal place to begin your exploration of Lough Neagh.

Featured Places

Lough Neagh Discovery Centre

The Centre offers stunning views of Lough Neagh and is located on Oxford Island

Oxford Island National Nature Reserve

Oxford Island National Nature Reserve is situated on a peninsula in the south east corner of Lough Neagh.  

Maghery Country Park

Maghery Country Park is located five miles from the M1 Motorway, this park provides an oasis of calm in the village of Maghery and is excellent for birdwatching, fishing and walking

Coney Island

The island has a rich history spanning many centuries, with evidence of human occupation dating back to Mesolithic times

Kinnego Marina

Kinnego Marina is the largest Marina on Lough Neagh and offers excellent facilities